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Download Competency Certificate SAPS 517 Form

What is a competency certificate?

Before applying for a firearm licence, potential firearm owners must first undergo training at an accredited training provider or the Professional Firearm Training Council (PFTC). To get a training certificate, you must pass a test on the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000) and complete training and a practical test on the safe and efficient handling of a firearm.

A training certificate, along with other documents, must be attached with an application for a competency certificate SAPS 517 form. You can download the SAPS 517 form below. A competency certificate is valid for as long as the specific firearm licence is valid.

A competency certificate specifies whether it relates to firearm competency to

  • possess a firearm
  • trade in firearms
  • manufacture firearms
  • conduct business as a gunsmith

How do you apply for a competency certificate?

The SAPS 517 application form, a training certificate and other supporting documentation must be submitted to the designated firearms officer (DFO) at the police station in the area where you ordinarily reside. A fee is payable upon application for firearm competency.

SAPS 517 Form Supporting Documentation

  • Certified copy of your official identification document or passport
  • Certified copy of your permanent residence permit in the case of a non-South African citizen
  • Certified copy of your firearm proficiency training certificate issued by an accredited training provider
  • Two passport-size colour photographs (with a neutral background) that are not older than three months
  • Certified proof of residence
  • Any other supporting documents

Minor applicants

Applicants younger than 21 years must include a firearm licence motivation with their SAPS firearm competency application form:

  • conduct a business
  • must be gainfully employed
  • a dedicated hunter
  • a dedicated a sports person
  • a private collector
  • public collector
  • sworn affidavit from parent/guardian

Application for a further competency certificate

To apply for further firearm competency you must download and submit a SAPS 517(a) form. You can find instructions on how to complete the form here. Supporting documentation including a certified copy of previous competency certificate must accompany the application.

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