Tupperware Monthly Specials - Feb 2024

Tupperware Monthly Specials

Tupperware has been the leading household brand for everything from storage to baby products.

Each month Tupperware South Africa releases a brochure in which new innovative products as well as old favourites are sold at reduced prices. These Tupperware promotions are then available to purchase over a period of 4 weeks.

The booklet is usually divided into different sections. A few products for storage is always included as well as popular kitchen servers. Tupperware South Africa has a very popular kids and baby range and specials on these appear every few months. Some handy kitchen utensils also appear in the booklet from time to time along with travel friendly food and drink storage solutions.

Each Tupperware Monthly special booklet also contains a free recipe made with one or more of the items on sale that month. More recipes can be obtained from the Tupperware South Africa website. Most of the Microwave and oven cookware also come with a handy recipe book. The method description of each recipe will explain which Tupperware product was used to make that meal.

Each brochure also includes photos of how and where you can use the promotional items in your daily life or when you are hosting a party.

Microwave and oven safe products are clearly indicated in the Monthly specials booklet. Some booklets also contain QR codes which will lead you to even more recipes or useful tips.

New items which are not yet in the main Tupperware catalogue is often introduced in these monthly special booklets.

The Monthly specials can be obtained from any registered Tupperware Distributor or registered Tupperware seller. They will complete a Tupperware order form for you and pick up your order from the warehouse. Most Tupperware sellers deliver your order to your doorstep for free or would be willing to courier it to you at an extra fee.

Monthly promotions can also be sent to you via Email or WhatsApp messages.

At the end of each month each Tupperware Distributor has a rally event where they introduce their sellers to the new specials and where they also showcase the physical products.

Specials are often chosen to suit special events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day and Christmas.

These monthly specials make ideal birthday or kitchen tea gifts. The Tupperware baby and kids range is also very popular for baby shower gifts or as a gift to new mothers.

New promotional items are available for sale in the first week of the new month.

It is important to note that Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee applies to each product. This guarantee is one of the reasons why people have trusted Tupperware as the best brand for all their storage and cooking needs. On the Tupperware South Africa website, it is clearly explained what falls within this guarantee and what does not.

All items in the Tupperware Monthly special brochure are covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee regardless of when you bought it or how many times it has been used. Chipping, peeling, splitting, stress cracking and warping of products are all covered.

Products that are stained, sticky, melted, eaten by rodents or scratched are not covered by this Lifetime Guarantee.

Should you wish to exchange a product that adheres to the product description of products that fall under the guarantee you can simply give the product to any Tupperware seller and they will, through their distributors, send the product to Tupperware South Africa. This process can take up to 3 months to complete.

Promotional products which are indicated for Microwave or Oven cooking will contain a small leaflet confirming microwave or oven safety. There will also be such a symbol at the bottom of the relevant product.

Any other product advertised in the Tupperware Monthly special brochure, which does not expressly indicate that is it safe for microwave and oven safety, are NOT recommended for microwave or oven use. All this information can be viewed in the Tupperware Catalogue.

Once the period indicated on the front of the Tupperware Monthly booklet has passed all items revert back to their normal prices so make sure to order your products well in advance.