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Download a Free Voucher Template

What is a voucher?

The Gift Voucher is the best-known type of voucher. However, there are many different types of vouchers.

A voucher is a printed piece of paper or certificate carrying a value or discount that can be used in exchange for goods or services. The most commonly used types of vouchers are:

  • Cash Vouchers – such as a Gift Voucher which can be exchanged for goods in a retail store;
  • Payment Vouchers – an accounting document used in business to record the approval/occurrence of a financial transaction between two parties;
  • Discount Vouchers – such as a coupon used in retail stores; and
  • Travelling Vouchers – can be exchanged for flights, accommodation and other travel costs.

You can download free MS Word voucher templates from Microsoft. For more blank voucher templates, you can find a variety of voucher designs here.