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Download an Attendance Register Template

What is an attendance register?

According to the Collins Dictionary, an attendance register is “an official list of people who are present at an institution such as a school.” In the workplace, an attendance register is the record of the times employees were present at work.

Under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, all employers in South Africa must keep a manual or automatic attendance register for workers. Attendance records must also be retained for three years.

Section 31 of the act determines that the following must be included in an attendance register:

  • the employee’s name and occupation;
  • time worked;
  • remuneration paid;
  • date of birth if under 18 years of age; and
  • any other prescribed information.

Employers can use the Department of Labour’s BCEA3 – Attendance Register form to record attendance of workers. You can download the BCEA3 – Attendance Register form in PDF format below.

Download Attendance Register Template

The Department of Labour also accepts any other form of worker attendance records (such as a clock cards or electronic login systems). You can also find an attendance register template for Excel from Microsoft. An attendance register template is not available is a Word DOC format.

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